Cherating Beach

Cherating Beach is located in Pahang, the largest state in Malaysia. It was a nice beach with wide and open view. A long orange-brown sand laid-down along the beach. However, this beach is solitude from visitors and therefore, someone who come here can enjoy the pure wind and peace of nature.

Beach of Cherating with a line of brown-sand alongside

Cherating beach is loved by turtles as they can lay eggs safely here. Malaysian government dedicated the beach as Turtle Sanctuary in order to prevent turtles extinction.

I came here for scientific purpose that is Writing Retreat organized by Atta-Ur-Rahman Institute for Natural Product Discovery, UiTM. The event was held on 24th -27th June 2012 at The Legend Resort Cherating. Thank to UiTM for valuable retreat and beautiful view of one of Malaysian natures.



There is another unique of this beach, that is very clear and bright morning sunrise view. While waiting for early sunrise, sound of birds and morning sea ripples make every morning so peace.


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