Bukit Broga and Early Sunrise Seekers

Bukit Broga (Broga Hill) is one of tourists destination offered by Malaysian tourism. It is located in Semenyih of about 50 kilometers from Kuala Lumpur, the national capital of Malaysia.  The hill offers a beautiful and astonished view of Malaysian nature, especially the view of sunrise.

Bukit Broga from dorm

I went to Broga twice and this hill never solitude from visitors.  Instead of beautiful view of Broga, people came here for sport reason that is hiking the hill from downgrade to the summit. Visitors also tend to come in the very early morning of about 4.30-5.00 AM (Malaysia time zone) and start their hiking time to reach the summit and enjoy sunrise, except on a cloudy day. Some groups also came here for praying and meditation purpose.

DSC_0337 (2)
Early morning view from Bukit Broga
Early morning view from Bukit Broga
One of Broga’s visitors standing on a giant rock

There are some dormitories provided for visitors who want to stay overnight at Bukit Broga downgrade. Family and friends can enjoy some interesting facilities and fun games such as bicycling, flying fox, kayaking, and so on. The games are guided and judged by instructors. In 2012, one packet was about RM 70 for 2 days 1 night. The cost covered a dorm, food, drink, and games, except RM 5 for bicycle per hour.

Family and friends




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